Sonntag, 17. November 2013

Nochmals: Objektifizierung

Because some men disrespect women they find sexually attractive (madonna-whore-dichotomy), showing women in a sexualized/sexual context or fantasizing about them sexually is seen as demeaning. The actual problem (if one sees it as a problem, as I do) is not with the sexual depiction, but with the people who reduce that woman to the sexual context in a “you’re only good for that”- way. This is different from being interested in a person in a purely sexual way. The latter can be done while respecting the whole humanness of the other person- one’s just indifferent to the other aspects, just as one can be indifferent to the sexuality and personal life of someone one considers a great scientist. The first, on the other hand, explicitely devalues the person as a whole. Many people, also feminists, confuse the devaluing with the sexual context. While those two are sadly often found together in our society, they are very different things. Criticizing the latter instead of the first perpetuates the devaluation of women as sexual beings and women in sexual contexts.

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